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Expertpin is built for users to connect with their favourite Experts. No waiting, no queues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you book a meeting, you will be able to find details within your account and via email. Joining the meeting is simple and you will find instructions as soon as you complete the checkout.

Becoming an expert is easy, you can follow the process at experts page. Our team reviews every expert profile before it is made available for public on the platform, it is advised to share as much info as you can to expedite the process.

During the checkout process, you will be required to pay via credit/debit card to confirm the meeting slot.

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Expertpin Journey

Expertpin is a platform designed to facilitate 1:1 connects with top industry experts. Our platform is built upon a simple ideology "win while you help people win", applies to you, us, and everyone involved. At Expertpin, we are dedicated to crafting a digital space that enables audiences to connect with their favorite experts, seeking valuable advice, guidance, and learning from their wealth of experience. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement where audiences gain knowledge, and experts have the opportunity to build a side hustle – a true win-win scenario.

Our success is intricately tied to the success of both our audience and experts. Together, we celebrate victories. At Expertpin, we don't just win; we win with you!







Experts Sessions

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Ep. 1: Featuring Marta Wasowics

Founder of The Leader Factor, Ex LinkedIn

Ep. 2: Featuring Monica Peter

Group Director, Learning & Culture at PTCL

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