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Danish Ali Afzal

Head of Quality and Fraud at Truck It In

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Startup expert revolutionizing MENA and Europe, adept at data-driven strategies, specializing in transforming e-commerce, ride-hailing, and logistics.

In the dynamic landscape of startups, I've earned my stripes as a seasoned professional, bringing innovation and transformation to industries spanning e-commerce, ride-hailing, last-mile solutions, and logistics. Having played pivotal roles in game-changers such as Careem (acquired by Uber), Instashop (acquired by Delivery Hero), and the groundbreaking Truck It In, my journey has taken me across diverse markets in the MENA region and Europe. These experiences have not only honed my strategic acumen but have also given me a deep understanding of global business dynamics and cultural nuances.

A fervent advocate for data-driven decision-making, I thrive on analyzing data to formulate strategic approaches that drive success. Beyond the boardroom, my dedication extends to a personal passion — exploring the depths of Islam. As a religious enthusiast, I am committed to continuous learning, finding parallels between the rich teachings of Islam and the evolving world of business. Join me in the pursuit of excellence, where strategy meets passion, and every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth.


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01 Jun, 2024



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