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Jawwad Kalia

Founder at Expertpin

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Business Strategy | Tech & Program Management | Startup Consultancy | E-commerce

With over a decade of experience in building teams, driving digital transformation, and unlocking growth across diverse sectors. My expertise lies in crafting and executing robust strategies that fuel business success.

My areas of specialization include strategy, leadership, growth, and product design. I'm passionate about empowering individuals on their career journeys, offering insights into career advice, personal growth, and organizational restructuring.

Feel free to reach out for counseling around startups, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, career counseling, and exploring the principles of design thinking. Let's collaborate to turn your ideas into impactful realities and navigate the evolving landscapes of business and technology.

I look forward to connecting, sharing, and learning together on Expertpin - where expertise 💡 meets opportunity 🚀.


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Khalid Iqbal

December 2023

A great interacting experience with Jawwad. He is humble and a good listener. His platform Expertpin will hopefully help many users seeking advices and solutions.

Muhammad Asad

December 2023

Jawwad Kalia listened attentively and showed genuine respect. Engaging discussions about how he is going to add more amazing features and what Expert Pin is going to bring to the market enriched the experience. He's a great guy for ideas and feedback

Shahzeb Ali

January 2024

Helped me with finance career questions, thank you for the time and advice

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