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Welcome to Expertpin! These terms and conditions ("Terms") outline the rules for using Expertpin. By accessing or using the Expertpin platform, including its website, mobile applications, and services (collectively referred to as "Expertpin," "we," "our," or "us"), you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms. "You" and "your" refer to individuals or entities using Expertpin services.

Incorporated Policies

These Terms include the following incorporated policies, which are integral parts of this agreement:

  • Privacy Policy: Our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information. Please review it carefully to understand our practices.
  • Refunds Policy: Details about refunds can be found in our Refunds Policy.
  • Cancellation Policy: Details about cancellations can be found in our Cancellations Policy.
  • Reschedule Policy: Details about reschdule can be found in our Reschedule Policy.
  • Payout Policy: Details about payouts can be found in our Payouts Policy.
  • General Policies: Other details are given in the General Policy.
Refunds Policy

Expertpin is designed to serve as a platform that empowers both experts and audiences, fostering skill enhancement, interaction, and earning opportunities. We highly value everyone's time and dedication, and to ensure a transparent process, we have established clear guidelines for potential situations that may arise. The following outlines our standing refund and dispute policy:

What you need to know as a user:

  • No-show (Expert): If the expert fails to attend the scheduled meeting, users have the option to either select a new time or request a refund.
  • Technical Glitch: In the event of a technical glitch on the Expertpin platform, users can request a reschedule for the meeting.

For either of the scenarios mentioned above, users are required to submit a request, including their meeting ID, to [email protected].

What you need to know as an expert:

  • No-show (Expert): Two instances of a no-show within a 30-day period may result in the suspension of the expert's account. Experts are encouraged to request a reschedule to maintain a positive audience experience and uphold the health of their profile.
Cancellation Policy

What you need to know as a user:

In the event that a user wishes to cancel a meeting, the following policy will be enforced:

  • Within 48 hours of the meeting time: A cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the transaction amount will be deducted.
  • More than 48 hours before the meeting time: A cancellation fee of 20% of the transaction amount will be deducted.
  • If the meeting has been rescheduled previously: Regardless of the time left, a cancellation fee of 50% of the transaction amount will be deducted.

To initiate the cancellation process, kindly contact our team at [email protected].

Reschedule Policy

What you need to know as a user:

Users can reschedule a meeting once, but only if there are 48 hours or more remaining before the scheduled start time. The rescheduling option is accessible on the meeting page within your account.

If an expert initiates the rescheduling request, the user must choose a new time from the available meeting slots on the expert's schedule.

What you need to know as an expert:

Experts can request a meeting reschedule once, and upon initiating the request, the user will be notified to choose a new time. It's important to be aware that this action may result in cancellation (and refund) if there are no available slots in your schedule or if the user cannot find a suitable time.

It's crucial to highlight that if there are frequent cancellations resulting from expert reschedules, a penalty may be applied to the expert to offset the payment gateway cost.

Payout Policy

What you need to know as an expert:

  • For transaction amounts above $5: Experts will receive 80% of the transaction amount.
  • For transaction amounts below $5: Experts will receive 80% of the transaction amount, deducting a fixed fee of $0.4.

Following are the payout options:

  • USD bank account (Local US based account): Wise & Payoneer are supported
  • Local bank account: Your local currency bank account, subject to the confirmation from Expertpin team. You may reach out to Expertpin team at [email protected].

Expert payments are processed on the 5th working day of each month for earnings accrued in the previous month.

General Items

Age and Account Responsibility

To use Expertpin, you must be at least 13 years old. If you are under 18 years old, you confirm that you have obtained permission from your parent or legal guardian. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your account information. If you suspect any unauthorized access or use of your account, please contact us immediately.

User Responsibilities

When using Expertpin, you agree to the following:

  • Compliance with the Law: You must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and contracts.
  • Truthfulness: Provide accurate and truthful information; do not post false or deceptive content.
  • Prohibited Items: Do not offer illegal or prohibited services or items on Expertpin.
  • Respect: Do not engage in threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, or invasive behavior.
  • No Spam: Do not send spam or unauthorized advertising through our platform.
  • Protect Personal Info: Do not misuse others' personal information obtained through Expertpin.
  • Content Guidelines: Do not post inappropriate, offensive, or harmful content on Expertpin.

Dispute Resolution

Expertpin is not responsible for disputes between users or third parties related to the service. By using our platform, you release Expertpin from any claims related to such disputes.

External Links

Expertpin may provide links to external websites for your convenience. We do not control or endorse the content of these websites.


Expertpin collaborates with other companies for various services. When using these services, you are also bound by the terms and conditions of our partners.

Intellectual Property

Respect copyrights and intellectual property. Do not modify or misuse Expertpin's content or user-generated content without permission.

Your Intellectual Property

You retain ownership of your content on Expertpin. You are responsible for any royalties and accuracy of your content. Expertpin is not liable for errors in your content.

Account Deletion

You can request account deletion by contacting us. Some information may be retained as required by law, and deletion does not remove previously submitted content.


You agree to defend and hold Expertpin harmless from any claims, costs, or damages arising from your breach of these Terms.


Expertpin complies with copyright laws and may terminate accounts of repeat infringers.


These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Expertpin, superseding all previous communications. If any provision is found invalid, it will not affect the rest of the agreement. Claims must be filed within one year.


We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time. These Terms do not create third-party beneficiaries. Waiving any provision does not mean waiving others. Claims must be filed within one year.

User Conduct

You must comply with all relevant laws, rules, and taxes. Do not misuse the site or interfere with its operation.

Feedback and Reporting Misconduct

We welcome feedback and reports of inappropriate behavior. Feedback becomes our property. Report misconduct to appropriate authorities and to Expertpin. Contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

Proprietary Rights Notices

All trademarks and proprietary designations belong to their respective owners. Copyright and other notices must be respected.

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